Abandoned Houses [222]

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4 thoughts on “Abandoned Houses [222]

  1. Yes, the staircase is definitely very cool–seems very modern for being in a house so old. The china cabinet also looks like a grand piece. I imagine the abandonment of this home was very quick–perhaps a panicked flurry of packing, attempting to take all that they could carry only to run out of either time or capacity to carry and being forced to abandon the rest. Can you hear them? “Hurry, Momma, we’ve got to go!” the family cries out to the woman inside looking around one last time for anything else that she might be able to grab quickly. But what to choose? Unable to think clearly, she finally throws up her hands as she spins on her heels toward the door, releasing her treasures to God’s care. The only thing she brings out of the house this last time are her tears.

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