Abandoned Chateau [002]

Chateau Zakspeek
Chateau Zakspeek

Visited October 2014

Chateau Zakspeed, a little chateau somewhere in Belgium… The best part of it for me was the entrance hall and the big mirror upstairs. It also looks really nice from the outside but the day we went it was raining so I didn’t get outside shots. I’m pretty sure I will return so hopefully the weather will be better then… We also had some fun taking “mirror selfies”…

I did go back with the cool bunch that are Andy from Behind Closed Doors Urbex, Jacques SpiderMonkey, Matt Kriegaffe9 and Carl. I mostly stayed outside as we were not alone and the place was really crowded. Actually also bumped into Nick from NIck Saenen Photography, which was a nice surprise. The weather was really great so I got to shoot the outside shot I still wanted to take….

Chateau Zakspeed - Entrance Hall
Chateau Zakspeed – Entrance Hall
Chateau Zakspeek – Entrance Hall
Chateau Zakspeed – Staircase
Chateau Zakspeed – Mirror
Chateau Zakspeed – Chandelier
Chateau Zakspeed – Green Couch
Chateau Zakspeek – Mirror Madness
Chateau Zakspeed – Mirror Madness

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